Daniela Pesendorfer

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Photography, fabric, wool, 2012 | 21x29,7 cm Photography, fabric, wool, 2012 | 21x29,7 cm
Both artworks were created for an exhibition at the Grand Petit Gallery of the Rote Krebs with the content „Everything A4“.


About „Everything A4“:

In the 1920ies - the international standard A4 has been intruduced. Who would have thought at that time, that a simple norm like this could gain such a high importance within only a few decades. By now it can almost be seen as a creative challenge to break with this regulation and to undermine the norm.

No matter if it’s a school book, an inkjet printer, a folder or even high priority documents – A4 remains predominant.

The Grand Petit Gallery is searching for artists who are already beyond this experiment of breaking out or don’t even seek to do so, but rather try to analyse what is given.                (Text: IFEK)

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